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Our Family

Photo by Jim TimmerMichael and Alecia Corbin have been married since 1995 and currently have a total of six children.  The first two are miracles born to them after many years of earnest prayer: their son, Gabriel, is eleven and daughter, Naomi, is eight.  The second two were a different kind of miracle.  As God asked them to continue to put feet to their faith, the Corbins became a foster family in September, 2010 when the state brought them newborn, twin girls.  A year later, God called them to begin fostering a (then) thirteen-year-old boy.  In May of 2012, they adopted twins AnaMarie and Angelica (now three years old), and adopted Truett (now fifteen) in November that same year.  The Corbin family continues to trust God through fostercare and adoption.  They just adopted ten-year-old Andrew in February, 2014.  Recent Photo  (For their protection, foster children won't be pictured on our website.)

From Michael's Facebook adoption announcement for Truett:

While we're talking adoption though... Can you think of a better way to illustrate what Jesus has done for us?  Through Christ we have been grafted into God's family tree (Ephesians 1:5 ESV, read Romans 8, 11).

What about you?  Consider how you can bless a foster or adoptive family.  Better yet, consider fostercare or adoption for your family!  The need is HUGE.  We get at least a couple of calls a month asking us to take another child/children.  Like numbers?  There are about 7,000 foster children in our tiny little state (Arkansas) and only about 1,100 foster families (  There are over 500 Arkansan children ready and waiting to be adopted.

Is it risky?  You bet!  But if you're worried about a broken heart, then you're probably the perfect person for the job.

Is it hard?  I can't describe the frustration (the state might get offended;-) we've experienced and there have been plenty of headaches.  Nevertheless, we've been richly blessed by the children we've received.  Best of all, we've experienced God's power and provision in numerous ways and in every situation.  Oh yeah, and in most states, it costs nothing to adopt through the state. (

What would Truett say?  He'd say jump in and find a teenager to adopt.  They've typically been in foster care the longest, and they're the least likely to be adopted.  Oh, he'd also say they're the most fun!

Take a risk.  Live James 1:27.

A recent family photo can be downloaded here.  Other photos on this site will be missing our newest son, as he was just adopted February 4, 2014.

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