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Our Calling

Learn how God called Michael and Alecia to serve as missionary staff with FamilyLife.

The Spark

Michael and Alecia have always had a heart for children. Alecia worked for about ten years as a Center Director for a major childcare corporation, and then opened a new childcare center through their church in Georgia in August of 2006. Though their own children were still in the nursery, Michael was actively involved in the children's ministry at their church. After witnessing the effects of broken homes and failing marriages on the children they ministered to, both came to the realization that no one has as much influence on the spiritual life of a child as his or her parents. Their passion for marriage was just beginning at that point.

The Whisper

Late in 2007, Michael felt a growing desire to depend on God completely. At first, he thought God simply wanted him to rely on the Holy Spirit for strength and direction in his life at work and in his ministry through his church. As the weeks went by, God spoke to Michael through his devotion time, Bible study, and even teachers on the radio, saying the same thing: "Depend on Me for everything." Michael wanted to be submissive, but he didn't really know what God meant. Not yet.

The Call

In February of 2008, Michael and Alecia took a long weekend off and headed to a Weekend to Remember® marriage getaway presented by FamilyLife®. They wanted a chance to get away from the kids and the house for a few days, and thought this was an opportunity to get some good, Biblical instruction at the same time.

Though it wasn't their plan at the time, Michael and Alecia ended up attending as volunteers in the Resource Center and got to know some of the FamilyLife staff. Immediately, Alecia felt an incredible draw to this ministry. She was asking one of the FamilyLife staff lots of questions when Michael overheard the staff member say, "We depend on God for everything." That really got his attention. He knew that this must be what God had been speaking to him about for the past few months – a ministry that Michael was increasingly excited about. The weekend itself was incredible, not just because of what they were getting out of it, but because of the change they witnessed in other couples. Michael knew by the second night of the event that he had to be a part of this ministry, even if only a small part.

To make a long story short, by the end of the weekend, Alecia and Michael realized that God put them there to give them a unique perspective: to show the Corbins how He could use them to impact marriages and families with His love and grace. In the months following, God clearly confirmed His call for them to serve as missionary staff with FamilyLife.

Then What Happened?

Read about our vision for marriages and families!

Our Vision